Dr. Khalili, Surgeon & Founder of Weight Loss Surgery of Southern California

My name is Dr. Theodore Khalili, surgeon and founder of Weight Loss Surgery of Southern California. I founded the Center because I have dedicated my life-long professional work to patient care. My approach to patient-centric partnerships and service-oriented facilities offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to bariatric treatment – all in one place.

I believe that patient care does not end right after surgery – it’s only the beginning. I founded the Center to give patients access to a supportive community that guides them through each step of the weight loss journey. We work with a team of registered dieticians, psychologists and general doctors to create tailored, best-in-class care available.

I have performed over 8,000 bariatric surgeries throughout my career, and I have seen how these life-changing procedures can give patients the hope they never thought they would have. After surgery, patients have expressed that they are able to live their lives in a way they never thought was possible – whether it be running around with their kids, training for a marathon, scuba diving, or something as simple as crossing their legs. We’re here to celebrate all the successes – the big and the small.

Many patients during the consultation phase express varying levels of skepticism. They have explored diets or medications often to no effect. Sometimes, they may have even considered surgery, but decided against it because of invasive, outdated techniques.

If that describes you, we understand because we see people every day who feel the way you do. But at the Center, we are leading with innovative surgical techniques that result in thousands of successful minimally invasive bariatric procedures.

The Center is only a call away. I have devoted my career to changing patients’ lives through bariatric surgery, and I cannot wait to assist you through yours!

I will always be happy to speak with you.

Theodore Khalili, MD, FACS

Surgeon and founder, Weight Loss Surgery of Southern California

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