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Obesity contributes to numerous and varied comorbid conditions. Complications can occur in many organ systems, ranging from cardiovascular to respiratory to orthopedic and even ophthalmologic. Overweight and obesity are known risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and other breathing problems, and some cancers (uterine, breast, colorectal, kidney, and gallbladder). In addition, obesity is associated with pregnancy complications, high blood cholesterol, menstrual irregularities, hirsutism (excessive hair growth), stress incontinence, psychological disorders, and increased surgical risk.
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Meet Our Family

Our patients deserve the best! Meet some of Our Family who have benefited from our dedicated team of award winning surgeons. Our commitment is to provide the best possible healthcare while they undergo their bariatric surgery procedure and beyond. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows for a unique, comprehensive, and holistic approach to bariatric surgery care.

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Unique Care Support

Support is imperative to the success of bariatric patients. The Khalili Center has developed a unique, one-of-a-kind support program tailored to our patient’s needs. The support begins well before surgery with a private nutrition counseling session with our Registered Dietitian and a private psychological counseling session with our PhD Psychologist to ensure that patients are ready for life after weight loss surgery. We encourage our patients (before and after surgery) to attend our group nutrition, group support and men’s only support group to learn from other weight loss surgery patients and build healthy relationships.
We have several special events throughout the year to get patients active and out of the office:
  • Walk with the Docs- monthly Saturday morning walks with the doctors and staff
  • Softball with Docs- annual Softball game with the doctors and staff
  • Spinning with Docs – a special event for patients to enjoy spinning with the doctors
  • 5K Walk with the Khalili Foundation- annual LA BIG 5K made up of patients, underserved kids in the community and their families, and the Khalili Center staff
  • Super market outings with Misti- healthy shopping tips for the bariatric patient
  • Restaurant outings with Misti- menu ordering for the bariatric patient
  • Holiday Celebration- A special December event celebrating our bariatric patients
  • And many, many more…
Weight Loss Surgery is commonly referred to as a “tool” and that is exactly what it is; a tool to help jumpstart weight loss. The patient, doctor and staff work to ensure that patients are adjusting properly to their new lifestyle and their new eating habits, as well as making sure that they are medically well. Our goal is to help our patients improve their quality of life and empower them and help them to regain control of their life! The Khalili Center was built from the ground up with our patients in mind. Large, open, bright spaces equipped with comfortable seating provide adequate space for our patients. Whether they are in the lobby waiting for their appointment or joining us for our regular group events, patients are comfortable and relaxed.

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