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When lactose is a concern, how can a bariatric patient choose from all the non-dairy “milks?”

Tips to choose the right milk:

1.  Soy milk has the most protein and a good nutrient profile if you do not mind soy products. Choose a low sugar variety.

2.  Rice milk is perfect for those with food allergies because although it is low in protein and at times higher in sugar it is the least allergenic.

3.  Almond milk is a delicious alternative to soy milk with a nice flavor and an adequate nutrient profile. However, please note that the protein content is low at around 1-2 grams only!

4.  Hemp milk can be desirable if you watch the sugar grams and it has slightly more protein then almond milk.

5.  Oat milk and some of the other grain “milks” can provide an adequate nutrient profile however watch the sugar and it is not as popular for flavor as the soy and almond “milks.”

6.  Coconut milk is not a good choice for a healthy lifestyle. It is low in protein and high in fat.