Top Breakfasts for the Bariatric Patient

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Try these 11 top breakfasts for bariatric surgery patients:

  1. 6-8oz 0% Greek yogurt topped with 2-3 TBS high fiber cereal and 2-3TBS *berries, alternative sweetener like Truvia/Stevia as preferred
  2. 4oz 0% Greek yogurt mixed with 4oz low fat cottage cheese and 1TBS low sugar jam
  3. 1 slice toasted double fiber bread with ½ cup low fat cottage cheese and *1TBS low sugar jam
  4. 1-2 soy veggie sausage patties with melted low fat cheese slice and tomato
  5. 1 soy veggie sausage patty topped with melted low fat cheese and scoop of berries
  6. 2 Egg whites scrambled with 1 whole egg, splash milk and parmesan, sliced tomato with cracked pepper
  7. Egg whites scrambled with extra lean turkey or soy sausage crumbles
  8. Egg whites scrambled with ½ extra lean chicken sausage, sliced tomatoes
  9. Egg white frittata with sautéed vegetables, parmesan or low fat feta cheese
  10. 2 soft cooked eggs over sautéed spinach sitting atop a toasted high fiber, low carbohydrate English muffin half…toast it well!
  11. Low fat Eggs Florentine -eggs over sautéed spinach and sliced tomato with light sauce