Top Bariatric Breakfasts


Make it a daily routine for better health and weight as a Bariatric Patient!

* Egg Muffins
Egg whites, steamed broccoli, light cheese and seasoning. Freeze for the month ahead!

*Yogurt Parfait Swirl
6-8oz 0% Greek yogurt topped with 2-3 TBS whole grain cold cereal and 2-3TBS berries Sweeten with Truvia/Stevia as preferred

*Double the Protein
4oz 0% Greek yogurt mixed with 4oz low fat cottage cheese and 1TBS low sugar jam

*Cheesy Veggie Sausage
1-2 soy veggie sausage patties with melted low fat cheese slice and tomato

*Egg Scramble it Up
2 Egg whites scrambled with 1 whole egg, splash milk and parmesan, sliced tomato with cracked pepper; or egg whites scrambled with extra lean turkey or soy sausage crumbles; or egg whites scrambled with ½ extra lean chicken sausage, sliced tomatoes

*Fantastic Frittatas
Egg whites whipped with seasoning and quick sautéed vegetables added to make a large egg pancake in nonstick pan. Flip over, sprinkle parmesan and yum!

*Softy Eggs
2 soft cooked eggs over sautéed spinach sitting atop a baked corn tortilla

*Guilt-free Eggs Florentine
Over-easy eggs resting on sautéed spinach and sliced tomato, light drizzle of the fabulous Florentine sauce

Photo courtesy of skinnytaste.com