Top 5 Strategies to AVOID Using Food For The Wrong Reasons!

Khalili Center - Eat Healthy


Here are 5 key strategies to help you avoid using food for the wrong reasons and stay healthy! It’s an important part of your Weight Loss Surgery journey to learn healthy habits like this that will help keep you on track for a life-long healthier you!

Become a more mindful eater.

  • Think about where the food came from.
  • Think about whether you want the food for your body or your mind.
  • Start to notice mindful, enjoyable moments in your life that are unrelated to the eating experience.

Strengthen your endurance to counter stress eating.

  • Often it is the anxiety and need for escape, feeing good or a checking out that can throw you into the “mode” of eating or eating mindlessly.
  • Mindfully recognize the emotion to eat and grow your mental endurance to stay with the moment until the “eating wave” dies off.

Set your inner critic straight.

  • “I am a failure at this!” ….
  • “Hmmm, there’s that judgmental commentary of my emotions and my desires for food.”

Respect your body when your mind wins.

  • If you choose to eat for a reason other than for your body, make a choice that is good for your health to preserve the sensitivity of your palate for simpler foods.

End secret eating.

  • If you want it, eat it publically.