Tips for Living Well with Weight Loss Surgery

Khalili Center - Living Well


 Incorporate these healthy tips into your daily life in order to ‘live well’ after weight loss surgery!

  • SCHEDULE. Eat three small meals plus one healthy snack a day.
  • STOP & THINK. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
  • PROTEIN FIRST. Always.
  • PUT THE FORK DOWN. Always stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied.
  • USE THE 30 MINUTE RULE. Do not drink before or during meals.
  • NO GRAZING. Limit eating between meals – stick to your meal plan of 3 meals and 1 snack a day.
  • BECOME A GOURMET. Eat only good-quality, nutritious food.
  • HYDRATE. Drink enough fluids during the day…and be sure to only drink low-calorie liquids.
  • WORK IT OUT. Keep moving. And, then move some more!