Target Those Last 10 Pounds!

Khalili Center Losing Weight
Everyone has trouble losing that last bit of weight, even weight loss surgery patients! Try these 6 tips to lose those last 10 pounds.

What are you eating?
200 calories of tuna salad provides more energy and is more satisfying which can help you lose more weight than two, 100 calorie snack packs that leave you searching afterward for something that is actually satisfying!

What is your meal timing?
For weight control 3 meals and one snack is best!

What is your hydration?
64-80oz to metabolize fat, increase energy and minimize cravings!

How much alcohol is okay for weight control?
None, but if you already drink, limit to 1 drink one time weekly for women and 2 drinks one time weekly for men.

How are you sleeping?
7-9 hrs of steady sleep can optimize your hunger control and maximize your energy!

Exercise – do you do it?
Move your body for 50-60 minutes daily; intensity will vary based upon fitness level!