Do You Suffer From Night Eating?

Khalili Center - Night Eating



Did you know that Night Eating Syndrome occurs in approximately 28% of people seeking gastric bypass?

If night eating haunts you, ask yourself the following:

1. Do you skip breakfast?

2. Do you consume about 25% of calories after dinner?

3. Do most of the calories you consume at night come from carbohydrate?

4. Do you snack on small things throughout night?

  • You may have lower levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • You may have lower levels of serotonin, the relaxation hormone.
  • You may have lower levels of leptin, the appetite suppressing hormone.
  • You may have higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that may increase appetite.


1. Eat at least 70 grams of protein during the day hours at scheduled meals.
Tryptophan from high quality protein food is converted to serotonin, the calming brain hormone. Serotonin is then also converted in your body to melatonin the sleep-inducing hormone!

2. Consume no more than 1 cup of coffee, tea (including green tea) and no more than 2 cups of decaffeinated coffee daily. Consume these beverages before 12pm.

3. Consume 64-80oz plain water during the day.

4. Throw away potential trigger foods on your house to minimize any unnecessary snacking.

5. Turn off your T.V., computer, phone and ipad 1 hour before bedtime to increase your “brain calming” chemicals.

6. Soften the lights to maximize your melatonin production.

7. Speak with your doctor about your situation for a potential medical approach.

Hope this helps! Now go get some ZZZZs…