5 Tips to stick with your workouts

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Post Weight Loss Surgery, Sticking to your Diet and Fitness Routine are the Two Most Important Things You Can Do! Here Are Some Tips to Help You Do Just That:

1. Drink 10 cups of plain water a day. Your muscle is approximately 75% water and this healthy habit will give you more energy!

2. Eat 3 meals that include protein and 1 good snack that includes a fresh whole fruit. Regular meal timing, adequate protein intake and healthy fibers from fruits and vegetables improve blood sugar control for sustained energy!

3. Schedule your workout like you schedule your breakfast. Get them both done so you can feel your best!

4. Exercise regularly and without too many days off in between. The more steady days of exercise that you string together the more motivated you will feel toward your next workout!

5. Get a workout buddy. The obligation, entertainment and comradery will increase your exercise “mojo!”