Seeing Yourself Eat

Khalili Center - See Yourself Eat


What do you look like when you eat?

What would you see if you watched yourself eat?

This is a great exercise for weight loss surgery patients and non-weight loss surgery patients alike!


Circle the words below that would describe you.
(Spaces at the bottom are for you to add words that might be missing from this list!)











• During the meal, pretend that there is a mirror across from you, showing you what you look like as an eater.

• What would you like to see during the meal?
• What could you do to make that image have as much grace and dignity as possible?


Some things to think about

• How do you sit?
• How many bites a minute do you take?
• Is your attention on your food, or other people’s food?
• How big are the bites that you take?
• Do you put food in your mouth while you are still chewing some food already in there?
• How much food is on your plate? Do you have a plate?
• What size is your portion?
• Are you poised and dignified while eating?

The next time you‘re at a restaurant, take a moment and observe people around you eating. Then and always, do a self-check, by observation instead of judgment, and ask, how are you eating?