What Are You Practicing?

Khalili Center - Woman Sunset


Every day, whether we are aware of it or not, we are practicing something…and what you practice, you become a master at. Your daily actions are creating a life that you will have to live in. Are you aware of what you are practicing? We benefit when we know what we want and we practice daily in a way that leads us to be the master of that life.  When we are not aware and become disconnected, we accidentally religiously practice actions that make the life we want and more and more distant.  If you want love, then you have to practice being open to giving and receiving love daily. If you want to improve your strength, then you have to practice increasing your muscles. If you desire companionship and feeling connected, then you have to practice making, maintaining and fostering connections daily.

This is a helpful mindset for any weight loss surgery patient to have throughout their journey.

What are you practicing today? Is it strengthening you and taking you in the direction you desire? If not, what do you want to practice today?

Angela Taylor, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker