Plan a Healthy Father’s Day!

Khalili Center - Father's Day


Dad is often the one who feels responsible for the well-being of the whole family.

Help him feel extra special this father’s day with these 10 healthy gift ideas!

1. Old fashioned shave at the real barber for him!
2. Therapeutic massage for his achy back muscles!
3. Tickets to see his favorite team play with healthy picnic bag in tote!
4. A new summer outdoor BBQ griller with his own chef’s hat and apron!
5. Weekly healthy food delivery for his busy work weeks!
6. Water filtration system so he can drink clean!
7. Gym gift certificate for him with one personal training session!
8. Home cooked meals brought in for him all weekend!
9. Full remote control use for one full day!
10. One whole weekend of doing nothing except exercise and then rest, rest, rest …here’s to dad!