One Too Many Chips on Labor Day? Try These Fast Recovery Tips!

Khalili Center - Labor Day Diet


Now that Labor Day has passed, take these bariatric friendly recovery tips to heart to stay on track!

  1. Make it your goal today to consume 10 cups of water between meals today and “flush it out” while you give yourself more energy at the same time!
  2. Make each of your meals protein rich and chew them slowly to maximize your satiety and keep you away from those processed and overly salted chips you might be thinking about having again today!
  3. Take a walk with a friend or get to the gym as soon as you can to sweat it out and feel cleansed!
  4. Eat 2 servings of fruit for its thirst quenching and healthy nutrition!
  5. Keep yourself out of trouble by brushing your teeth early and calling it a night by 10pm. You’ll save yourself from post dinner cravings!