Live your Healthiest Life – Advice from the Khalili Center Dietitian


The Khalili Center for Bariatric Care’s Registered Dietitian Misty Has Some Tips for Living Your Healthiest Life!

  1. Avoid sugary drinks with a long list of unknown ingredients and enjoy clear water! Pure water flushes your body’s toxins, metabolizes fat and helps you cope with stress. Drink up for a better quality life!
  2. Watch your dairy sources! Low fat yogurt is full of good quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and probiotics that benefit your immunity. But excess cheese and other full fat dairy byproducts may not be as healthful as formerly thought especially the artery clogging full fat versions!
  3. Limit alcohol! A glass of wine a night may not be as good for you as you thought and it sure expands your waistline! Enjoy on a special occasion only to maximize the pros and minimize the cons!
  4. Eat red meat no more than one time weekly! But be sure to consume other protein rich sources that are also full of iron and zinc like fish and seafood, poultry, and other protein rich sources like grass fed eggs, tofu and high fiber beans.
  5. Pick fruits or vegetables for every meal you eat and don’t forget they make great energy boosting snacks too! Eating more fruits and vegetables minimizes your risk for disease, may help lower body fat and can help you live a better quality life!
  6. Cook it right! Bake, broil, sauté and steam to maximize nutrient content and minimize the harmful effects of deep frying, breading, or burning meats on the grill. And when dining out, tell them what you want!
  7. Avoid cheap plastics to store and reheat food as this can harm your health! Choose glass whenever possible as this amazing material has never been linked to harmful effects in storing and cooking!

It’s your valuable life, live it right!