Kick-Start Your Metabolism with These 7 Real Tips

Khalili Center - Metabolism

Everyone has times when they feel like they are plateauing in their weight loss surgery journey, so here are some tips to overcome the hurdles!


1. Do you have room for improvement?
When your nutrition habits have room for improvement irrelevant of your weight, you may lose weight!

2. Do you bounce back fast?
Get back on track with your healthy habits at the next meal rather than the next day!

3. Do you treat yourself or trigger yourself?
Everyone needs a treat from time to time but be savvy and never choose a “trigger” food, that is a food that you can’t stop eating and you feel out of control with!

4. Do you need to just do a liquid diet?
No. Solid food is slower to digest and your body and brain feels more satisfied!

5. Do you chew slow?
Chewing your food a lot produces more satisfaction chemicals in your brain that consuming the same amount with less chewing!

6. Are you replacing your water with coffee, tea or soda?
Stop and get the water in; to increase your energy, change your mood, and metabolize fat!

7. Do you coach yourself to success?
Learn to coach yourself with positive self observation; criticism rarely creates successful long term weight control!