Khalili Foundation: This is Why We Participate



Our children are our future. This current generation of children will be the community leaders, doctors, lawyers, salesmen, and teachers of the next generation.  It is our duty to educate them in every regard; life, health, relationships, education, and the list goes on.

The Khalili Foundation was launched in 2010 by a group of Bariatric Surgeons who know first- hand, the critical need for direct intervention in the lives of young people who are struggling with, or at-risk for, the disease of obesity.  “We would love to NOT see this younger generation come through our doors as adults,” says Dr. Eraj Basseri, who along with Dr. Ted Khalili and Dr. Kai Nishi are the founders of The Khalili Foundation.  The Foundation’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyles through education and action, recognizing the need to proactively address the childhood obesity epidemic through early intervention. By working with local elementary schools, the group promotes childhood obesity awareness and prevention – and connecting the at-risk population with much needed resources – The Foundation seeks to enable children and their families to make better and healthier choices in their everyday living. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of obesity through knowledge and empowerment.

The goal of the 5K walk/run is not just to get our exercise in and hangout with our peers, but to walk/run in hopes that we are setting a good example for these kids and helping them to see that a healthy life is the foundation of life!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 5K on March, 14, 2015.

“If you’ve never crossed a finish line, come cross your first one with us.”