Hungry For A Healthy Valentine’s Day?

Khalili Center - Valentine's Day


Check out these simple tips to help bariatric patients keep celebrating their figure as well as the love in their lifes!

  1. Dim the lights, turn on soft music and cook a healthy meal with your loved one or with friends!
  2. Choose a light, yet delicious restaurant entrée or appetizer, knowing dessert will soon follow!
  3. Fill your second champagne glass with water!
  4. Grab a cozy blanket for two and take a romantic walk along the cliffs with a picnic basket full of healthy foods.
  5. Give the gift of chocolate when it’s covering strawberries or other fresh fruit!
  6. Whether there are two of you or you are going solo to see a movie, sneak a healthy snack pack in!
  7. Flavor your 0% Greek yogurt with low calorie cocoa and stevia…yummy!
  8. Share a romantic dessert by putting 2 spoons into a low fat frozen yogurt!
  9. Consider that your own kiss is better than any chocolate one you can give!
  10. Do something extra special for you like schedule that long-awaited massage!