Healthy Halloween Recipes

halloween treats banana and pumpkin


We love these bariatric friendly fun and healthy Halloween treats! Halloween doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your bariatric lifestyle. Enjoy!

Tangerine Pumpkins
*Gather 1 bag of cuties tangerines and a bunch of celery.
*Peel the cuties, cut the celery sticks in half (long ways down the center) and then cut into fourths or fifths.
*Place the celery pieces in the top of the tangerine and your have a cute, healthy pumpkin snack.

Banana Ghosts
*Gather about 12 bananas, 1 bag of mini chocolate chips and 1 bag of regular chocolate chips and peanut butter (optional if there are allergies).
*Cut the bananas in half and peel. Lightly coat the in peanut butter (optional).
*Place the mini and regular chocolate chips at the top of the curved part of the banana to simulate a face and you have a healthy ghost treat.

Fruit Filled Pumpkins
*Gather oranges (one for each child or however many you see fit) and other assorted fruit.
*Cut off the top of the orange (imagine it as a pumpkin and think about how much you would need to make a top) and save it.
*Cut out the insides of the orange and put to the side as you will use them to fill up the orange once you are done with carving.
*Once the orange is empty, carve the orange like a pumpkin, in any style you’d like.
*Cut up the remaining orange and assorted fruits and place inside the orange. Top the orange with the original lid and you have a fun, fruit filled snack.

Ants at a Picnic
*Gather a bunch of celery, peanut butter and a bag of raisins.
*Cut the celery into thirds and fill the center with peanut butter.
*Place the raisins on the peanut butter to resemble ants in a line and you have an easy, delicious snack that kids and adults a-like love.