Expert Seminars an Added Benefit for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Khalili Center, a medical practice specializing in weight loss surgery, offers patients extensive before- and after-surgery care, including bi-monthly Expert Seminars with physicians as guest speakers.  These experts cover a wide range of health topics, from a highly trained urologist discussing prostate cancer, to a top cardiologist providing important information on heart health and cardiac care, and more.  These expert seminars serve to educate patients of the clinic and other interested individuals, helping them take control of their health while undergoing their weight loss journey.

“It is extremely important that our patients work together with us to improve not just their weight loss numbers, but their overall health,” says Dr. Eraj Basseri, who along with his partners Dr. Ted Khalili and Dr. Kai Nishi, has successfully performed over 5,000 weight loss surgeries.  “We are continually seeking out experts to bring another care option to our bariatric surgery patients.  We personally take on the responsibility of patients’ health long term.”

The Expert Seminar series hosted by the Khalili Center is only one of the ways they provide support to their patients and the community. Their before- and after-surgery care includes extensive education on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living, to promote patient knowledge and empowerment for achieving and maintaining optimal health.