Break the Graze Cycle

Khalili Center - Graze Cycle


Do you find yourself snacking or grazing between meals and a little too often?

Tips to break the Graze Cycle:

  • Designate your meal time and stick to it!
  • Drink water between your meals, it helps!
  • Sit down at a table to eat.
  • Eat off a plate, with a fork and a napkin.
  • Do not snack out of a bag or box, you’re not a raccoon!
  • Do not eat while standing at the kitchen counter, hydrate instead!
  • Do not eat in the car, hydrate instead!
  • Do not eat on the couch, hydrate instead!
  • Do not eat in front of the television, hydrate instead!
  • Do not eat your kids’ leftovers, they’re not for you!
  • Do not have seconds, even if it’s “just” a small scoop.
  • Do not eat after dinner, unless it’s a scheduled snack that you’ve planned and logged in your food journal.

Bariatric Friends, Welcome to peace again….