Bariatric Support Leader Releases “Hy Water App” To Encourage Proper Post-Surgery Hydration

Nutrition deficiencies and improper hydration are leading causes of re-hospitalization of post-weight loss surgery patients. Bariatric Eating’s new “Hy App” aims to help the bariatric eating community stay hydrated and minimize the very preventable problem of dehydration.

Bariatric Eating, a leading supplier of nutritional supplements, protein drinks and powders supporting a post-weight loss surgery lifestyle, has recently introduced a new mobile app for tracking personal hydration. The app is called “Hy, how much water did you drink today?” or simply stated the “Hy App.” The Hy App is the perfect application for individuals that need to monitor their daily water intake. The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPod with iOS6 or higher.

Dehydration is the #1 cause of re-hospitalization after Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch surgeries, even though it is almost completely preventable. Dehydration risk after weight loss surgery can be a problem for patients in the first 6 weeks after their procedure, because the stomach is smaller. This requires a patient to drink less water at more frequent intervals. With Bariatric Eating’s network of industry authorities behind the Hy App, they continue to make information available to bariatric surgical practices worldwide to help patients avoid this largely preventable complication.

Water is an essential part of every bodily process, including the healing process. Post ops often dismiss the importance of drinking water because it is “just water.” After oxygen, water is the body’s most pressing need and its importance should not be ignored. Some patients search high and low for esoteric panaceas, when the answer is coming out of their faucets. Patients who hydrate properly after surgery experience less discomfort, feel better, and heal faster.

Utilizing the Hy App, patients are educated as to the importance of keeping to a fluid schedule to slowly and surely meet water intake goals of 64 to 80 ounces every day. The Hy App works by allowing a naturally motivated patient to mark the app with a fingertip as they drink, or as a push by using the one-off alarm reminder that’s subtle enough to be used in an office. The Hy App also keeps a history of daily stats for the patient to present to their surgical team.

The bottom line is that the Hy App is simple, beautiful, easy to use, and provides patients with a close, at hand reminder to be mindful of hydration. The app is available Here.

This information was originally posted by PRWeb.