Artificial Sweeteners

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One of the benefits of having bariatric surgery is that often patients report increased taste sensations and sensitivity to the flavors of foods post operatively and for years to come. This is beneficial to health because you have the opportunity to enjoy more foods in their natural state often without heavy sauces and other additives like extra salt and sugar.

It is a known fact that the more sweet or salty or what I call “high sensation” foods we consume the more we desire, and the more often we desire them. Over time this can change your palate preference for these types of foods and the desire to consume these types of foods all the time.

With this occurrence, someone may consume a plain apple and report that it has no flavor and is therefore not as pleasing as a sugary energy bar. This may leave the individual constantly “looking” for something more savory. You can see how eating healthy and weight control can become more of a concern in this scenario.

Overall, it is best to consume whole foods day to day that are in their more natural state and less often those high sensation foods like pastries or heavy saucy gourmet recipes.

If however you are in question about what to sweeten your coffee or dessert with an alternative sweetener such as sucralose or aspartame commonly sold on the market now the answer is yes! It may help you save calories and it may not be as sweet or heavy tasting on your palate therefore potentially conserving your palate preference for simpler foods. Often applesauce and other sweet natural foods are used in place of sugar in certain recipes to increase the nutrition and also preserve your palate preference for simpler treats. So if you still choose to consume artificial sweeteners, try to limit these additives and always remember not to substitute the healthy meal or not to do it all the time anyway!