25 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Khalili Center - Healthy Gifts
Following is a list of 25 healthy holiday gift ideas for your loved ones!

1. Gift card to your favorite grocer
2. Gourmet seasoning of the month club
3. Seasonal fruit basket
4. Manicure, pedicure, facial, brow waxing or threading
5. Recyclable grocery shopping bags
6. Gift card to see a dietitian
7. 12 month supply of delivered bottled water
8. Healthy recipe book or magazine subscription
9. Food scale and other utensils to measure foods
10. Spa treatment
11. Healthy cooking class
12. 1 month gym membership
13. Swimming lessons, dance lessons, knitting lessons, or art lessons
14. Pedometer or heart rate monitor
15. New exercise attire
16. Tickets to visit a family member
17. Iced lunch bag for healthy eating on the go
18. Crock pot, George Foreman grill, nonstick cookware, steamer…
19. An old fashioned barber treatment
20. New walking shoes
21. Yoga matt
22. Insulated water bottles
23. Movie night – gift card coupled with a night of childcare expenses
24. Bicycle helmet or shoes
25. Give yourself the gift of attendance to a nutrition or support group for a healthy New Year!