10 Snacks with Protein

Khalili Center - Sunflower Seeds


Get more Protein, a staple in any Bariatric diet, into your “on-the-go” day with these fresh snack ideas!

1. Edamame baggie

2. Hard cooked egg – de-shelled from grocer

3. Turkey jerky – low sodium, low fat from healthy store

4. Greek yogurt topped with baggie of fresh, raw sunflower seeds

5. Light string cheese with 10 fresh, raw almonds

6. Hummus – ¼ cup with veggie sticks

7. Cottage cheese with Sugar free jam

8. Deli turkey slices -2, rolled with light Laughing cow cheese

9. Tofu teriyaki cubes or low fat meatballs squired with toothpicks

10. Egg salad cup – pre made from Trader Joes